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Teeth Cleaning

The dental prophylaxis treatment is used to prevent dental, oral and jaw diseases. It saves the patient caries and gums disease. In the professional cleaning of teeth, usually twice a year harmful deposits (tartar) are removed from the teeth and gums. Risk patients should use them more often. An individual prophylaxis program can include i.a. Care tips, cleaning exercises and success checks.

Filling Treatment

“Holes” in the tooth resulting from the removal of carious sites must be closed with fillings. The fillers used are plastic or solid materials.

The plastic materials can be formed well due to their soft consistency in the tooth. The subsequent curing is carried out by UV light. Solid fillings of e.g. ceramics or gold are glued into the tooth.


Our veneers are very thin veneers, which are applied to the teeth with a special adhesive.
They are mainly applied to the front anterior teeth to conceal minor blemishes. Each veneer is made individually and fits exactly on a specific tooth. Tooth gaps, malocclusions, tooth discoloration and broken teeth make veneers invisible in a simple way.


The types of dentures are varied. Implants, veneers, prostheses or bridges are just upper terms. For example, there are a variety of bridge types.
The highest intension of treatment is the preservation of one’s own teeth. However, if that is no longer possible, there are many ways to achieve esthetic dentures without obstruction in eating or speaking.


In modern dentistry, implantology has become an important part of every dental practice.
Possible materials are titanium or ceramic implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots.
They occupy the place of the lost root in the jaw bone and provide stability of the adjacent teeth. If they grow together with the jawbone, they receive a crown after the healing phase.

Tooth Jewelry

Tooth jewelry is a trend from the USA. Already, about 20 percent of American teenagers wear it and are proud of their “bling-bling” smile. Dental considered this trendy jewelry is completely harmless and can be applied very easily. Before the tooth decoration can be glued on, the tooth has to be cleaned very carefully and polished. Gemstones that are made of real diamonds look especially exclusive.


If teeth are only partially destroyed, it is possible to prevent complete tooth removal by using a dental crown. In this way the natural tooth can often be preserved. The dentist will then decide if there is enough healthy tooth substance that can stably support a dental crown.

The natural tooth crown “melts” by frequent treatment of defects. Then she can withstand the chewing pressure of the teeth no longer and an artificial crowning of the tooth is required. A dental crown is also used as a protective sheath for a brittle or dead tooth. Possible materials for crowns are gold and ceramics. These materials are usually very durable.

Amalgam Removal

The environmental impact increasingly places extreme demands on the human immune system. This fact shows in the practical experience of possible reactions to metals and amalgam. Chronic activation of the immune system can result in a multisystem disorder.
Often, however, it takes years for complaints to become noticeable due to amalgam fillings.

For example, symptoms such as tiredness, allergies, rheumatism etc. can occur. A harmful oral climate through the combination of different metals and their corrosion also pollutes the nervous system. The technical term for this is Pathogalvanism.

Tooth Whitening

A radiant smile thanks to white, healthy teeth is the wish of many patients. Beautiful, well-groomed teeth are aesthetically pleasing and attractive. The regular consumption of tea, red wine or coffee, however, causes disturbing discolorations that can hardly combat normal brushing teeth.

Modern dentistry offers corrections for more aesthetics of the teeth. An effective whitening of the teeth is achieved by so-called bleaching or teeth whitening. With bleach, the teeth are freed from their discoloration in the long term. The prerequisite for whitening in aesthetic dentistry is of course a healthy tooth substance.

Our other services

Root Canal Treatment

Today, many diseases of the teeth and the tooth-holding apparatus can be combated quickly and effectively with modern methods of treatment and exact interventions.
For example, when bacteria invade the tooth through caries, holes in the teeth, or fragile fillings and reach the nerve through the root canal, root canal treatment is often the best way to get rid of the infection and keep the tooth permanently.

The experienced dentist first makes an individual risk assessment for root canal treatment to minimize the risk of complications. Endodontics will then be performed using special equipment according to the latest scientific research. Even perfectly root-treated teeth must be checked at regular intervals for possible inflammatory reactions in the body.

Bite Reconstruction

Patients with a bad bite often complain of headaches and general complaints in the movement, as the human musculoskeletal system and the jaw are in close connection. A precise bite measurement before a large tooth restoration with the following reconstruction of an optimal bite leads to the recovery of the musculoskeletal system.

Periodontal Therapy

Pain-sensitive gums and bleeding gums are warning signs of incipient periodontitis, the inflammation of the periodontium. This chronic disease causes the jawbone to shrink, causing the teeth to lose their hold. The dentist calls this bone atrophy. One possible treatment may be bone augmentation.

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